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About This Service

The IFYS Domestic and Family Violence Service System Coordination team are co-located with the Queensland Police Vulnerable Persons Unit on the Sunshine Coast. They are responsible for collaboration and partnerships that seek to strengthen service system integration to improve community and sector based responses to domestic and family violence. The team raise community awareness and are available to provide education sessions, consultations and professional development opportunities for community members and sector providers.

Monthly Newsletters are an important way the team provides information on current research, training, local events and highlighting the work of our colleagues in the domestic and family violence sector on the Sunshine Coast. Quarterly professional networking events are also hosted by the team covering various contemporary topics. If you have an idea for an event or would like to find out more, please get in touch with our service.

IFYS Domestic and Family Violence Service System Coordination Team are the secretariats for the Multi-Agency Triage and Case Lead Allocation (MATCLA) meetings. MATCLA is a specialist High Risk model developed on the Sunshine Coast that aims to create disruption networks for people using violence, strengthen the service systems responses and improve safety for those people experiencing violence.

The IFYS team facilitate the REBECCA program, which is a 6-week psychoeducation group that supports young people identifying as female who have experienced or are at risk of experiencing harm in their relationships. It explores and challenges the attitudes and beliefs that contribute to the gendered drivers that cause disrespect and inequality towards women and girls. REBECCA is suitable for young people in secondary schools and up to the age of 25. It is delivered both within schools and in the community. You can self-refer to the community group or get a service to send through a referral on your behalf.

To be added to the Newsletter mailing list or for information about any of these services please send your enquiries to or call us on (07) 5438 3000.

Acknowledgment to Country 

IFYS acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the Australian land and sea. We pay our respects to Elders, past and present. We acknowledge the Traditional Owners' enduring cultures and traditions, and honour their continuing connection to family, country and community.