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Men Choosing Change

Do you want to change?

Are you prepared to take the first step?

Are you feeling stuck in your pattern of behaviour?

Do you want to be a better DAD for your kids?

The Men Choosing Change group program provides the opportunity for men to take responsibility for their use of abusive behaviours in intimate relationships. The aim of the program is to help men develop and maintain respectful attitudes and behaviours within their family and intimate partner relationships.  Change can be challenging and confronting and in this program we support and guide men on a path to effective change over a 16 week group program.. 

Men may benefit from the program if they
  • use physical violence, intimidation, verbal abuse, or emotional blackmail to resolve problems
  • Believe expressing feelings is a sign of weakness
  • Turn feelings of hurt, fear, loss and / or guilt into anger
  • Believe that men should be in control or dominant in relationships
  • Become jealous when their partner shows signs of independence
  • Have difficulties trusting people
  • Blame others for problems at home
  • Put their partner or children down if their beliefs differ from their own
  • Treat their partner with disrespect or make major family decisions without negotiating with their partner
  • Have difficulty recognising or expressing feelings
  • Witnessed violence in the  home when they were growing up
Topics covered:
  • What kind of man do I want to be?
  • The challenge of conflict resolution
  • How my brain works and how I can change it
  • The cycle of violence and the dynamics of domestic and family violence
  • Exploring beliefs and messages about ‘being a man’ received from family/ friends/ society
  • Understanding anger and other emotions
  • Parenting – What do your children need from you to feel safe and protected?
  • Ways of calming your emotions such as ‘time out’, breathing and exercise
  • The impacts of domestic and family violence on children and their bond with you as a parent
  • The problem with minimisation, denial and blame
  • The impact of domestic and family violence on intimate partner relationships and family well being
  • Safe and respectful communication
  • What makes healthy relationship?
  • The journey of accountability
  • Exploring family roles.

Men Choosing Change runs both day and evening groups.

For more information about Men Choosing Change groups on the Sunshine Coast, Gympie and Moreton Bay, please call UnitingCare (07) 5452 9797.

Address: 43-45 Primary School Ct, Maroochydore QLD 4558 (this office services the Caboolture, Sunshine Coast and Gympie areas)

Postal address: Level 1, 43-45 Primary School Court, Maroochydore, Qld, 4558.

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