Cover your tracks

Staying Safe with Technology

New technology is introduced to the market almost daily, allowing us to stay informed and connected.  While there are many benefits to technology, there may also be disadvantages. Technology may be used to facilitate abuse such as harassing, stalking or controlling behaviours. Consider this: does your partner or ex-partner know information about your movements or private conversations that they should not? Perhaps they turn up to locations that you are at without you telling them that you will be there.  If this is the case then you may be the recipient of technology-facilitated abuse.  
When we rely so much on technology in our everyday lives, for everything from banking to staying in touch with family and friends, how do we protect ourselves and stay safe online?   
If you think that someone is misusing technology to stalk or monitor you, you should consider attempting to narrow down the technology that may be being used. For example, a perpetrator knowing your movements may have obtained information from monitoring your mobile phone or social media pages or accessing your email or other online accounts. Perhaps a tracking device may have been fixed to your vehicle, or placed into a child’s belongings. Knowing what technology a perpetrator is using to monitor or stalk you allows you to better plan for your safety.   
The government’s e-safety website provides information that may be useful to assist you in identifying if you are a victim of technology-facilitated abuse and advice on how to keep you safe online.


Westnet provides an online toolkit for survivors of domestic and family violence who are seeking information on how to increase safety and secure privacy when using technology.  


Remember Your Safety Is Paramount And If You Think That It Is In Anyway Compromised You Should Contact The Police Immediately On 000.

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